Professor G. Javier Burgos


My name is Javier Burgos, I am an English teacher, Teacher trainer and ELT consultant.

 You have certainly made the best decision in your life, you are going to learn the most spoken language around the globe, the most useful way to communicate, especially in Business and Education.
 English definitely opens doors  anywhere to anyone; it does not matter what your Profession or area of interest is, whichever the case is, English is the perfect complement to professionals nowadays…one who doesn’t speak it, undoubtable becomes a lot less competitive in most of the fields even if that person has the highest degree in education available.
 I would you really like you to contact us and embark yourself on the one of the most wonderful and successful career in your life…because to me…English is not only a language but  it is  a career.
 Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Yours Sincerely,

 Prof. G. Javier Burgos
Other positions
· The Redeemed Christian Church God (Ecuador Chapter) 2006- 2015
· Presidente del Directorio actual y Representante Legal.
· Universidad Técnica Del Norte 2009- 2014
· Docente del Centro Académico de Idiomas, profesor de diferentes niveles y
Facultad de Educación, Ciencias y Tecnología (FECYT), Profesor de Listening,
Speaking, Reading, Writing y Integrated Skills, Grammar, Pronunciation.
Publications and articles:
OUTLOOK Magazine 1
OUTLOOK Magazine 2
OUTLOOK Magazine 3
Revista Paradigma
USA Goverment:
University of Oregon:
UTN University International Convention 1:
UTN University International Convention 2:
Videos and tutorials:

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